Thursday, May 28, 2009

maybe it's time i update this blog thing. i should have tons to write about...i haven't written in 7 weeks...mainly because this life i lead has been crazy...and we all know i'm the queen of crazy.

so here are some big updates
1) coop graduated from kindergarten (i did cry..and i'm not a crier)
2) baseball season is almost over....the elmination series starts monday
3) cattle baron's pre-party is friday...really great music, really cold beer, and really...that's what its all about
4) todd got another knew boat...yeah....cause a man needs lots of boats?!?
5) wiskey myers one week (and i'm a whiskey kind of girl)

should i now expound on each update? maybe that would be boring? i need to work on being a better writer...i'll try to update the blog daily...maybe?