Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maggie...the youngest native

1. Maggie has really great hair....really really great hair.
2. Maggie is really funny.
3. Maggie has great wit.
4. Maggie is really really positive...even when she's trying to be grumpy she's positive. she's really great.
5. Maggie knows that 'the bigger the bow the better the mama'..she ALWAYS has a bow. ALWAYS.
6. Maggie adores her brothers. She idolizes them in every way.
7. Maggie can dress up or dress down. She can have a tea party or dig for worms.
8. Maggie isn't an athlete. She realizes its not about the game...but only what flavor sno-cone comes after the game.
9. Maggie has a strong faith in God and loves going to church...mainly because she loves wearing smocked dresses.
10. Maggie has the best vocabulary. She's really smart!