Thursday, March 26, 2009

So I'm jealous...of another girl's blog. Well, not actually completely jealous but is the most amazing blog I have read in a long time! Lincee, the girl that writes it, is a high school friend of my sister-in-law. Stacie, my sister in law, turned me on to Lincee's blog and I must admit, I'm addicted. Maybe one day I'll be that of now, I only have three blog entries....maybe I should work on that!

I stole this from my friend Allison....
Today's Graces
1. Josh is suspended (maybe I can expound on that later)
2. I stuck to my healthy living eating goals
3. I bought some women's complete vitamins (target brand, fitness magazine recommends them)
4. I got to go to target
5. Carter didn't pee pee in his goodnight diaper last night...and that, my friend, is HUGE!
And those Graces are worth a great shot of tequila!



paige said...

Love it! I'm still playing around with your blog. Hopefully you didn't catch it in transition. It was looking jacked-up for awhile.

paige said...

Previous comment - from Allison...Ha! I was logged in as you!

Jennifer said...

Howdy, Stranger! You will definitely beat green beans!

msprimadonna67 said...

Hi Paige! Glad to see you've joined the world of blogging:) It'll give me another way to keep up with the Midwest fam all the way out here in California. If you get a chance, drop by mine and check it out:

Have a great day!
Donna Mayes Lutjens