Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Oldest Native

1. Coop is so smart....embarassingly smart, like knows weird stuff and I'm not sure where he gets that.
2. Coop is so empathetic. He has an uncanny ability to put himself in others' shoes.
3. Coop is curious.
4. Cooper has a loyal set of friends he's been friends with since birth.
5. Coop makes a friend everywhere he goes.
6. Coop was my first born. He's the kid I learned 'the ropes' with. He taught me everything I know about being a mom.
7. Coop is my knight in shining armour. He has such strength in his touch I feel stronger just by holding his hand. He makes me feel like I can move mountains.
8. Coop has a great voice. Its raspy, kind of hoarse sounding...i love it!
9. Cooper loves big.
10. Coop is so compassionate! He loves to help people, animals and things...I am lucky to know him.