Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Her name is Amber......His name was Brett

Her name is Amber. She’s my age. I received her email 16 days after my December 4th accident. The words she wrote would send chills up my spine as I read them. Our stories are eerily similar….and neither end happily ever after.

Her accident was December 8, 2008 (two years prior to mine almost to the exact day). She was traveling alone with her three children. Her oldest son, Andrew was Cooper’s age. Her middle son, Brett, was Carter’s age. Her daughter, Dani, was Maggie’s age. Her husband, like mine, was out of town. Two boys and a little girl…. Our stories are eerily similar…..and neither end happily ever after.

After making a blind left turn, one she had made a million times before (like the route I traveled the day of the accident...familiar road.), her car was struck and rolled a number of times before landing in the ditch. Our stories are eerily similar, and neither end happily ever after.

Her middle son, Brett, like Carter Kieth, left the scene via helicopter bound for Children’s hospital in Dallas, Texas He, like Carter, would only live a few hours. In a matter of hours…he went to heaven. Our stories are eerily similar, and neither end happily ever after.

I have no friends in common with Amber. She heard my story from two different sources and felt called to contact me. She contacted me….and for that….I will forever be grateful.

She doesn’t have all the answers but she has walked in my shoes.

Her pain is my pain. Her walk is my walk. We are now a part of a club neither of us ever wanted to join. She is now my dear friend ….i thank my God. Our stories are eerily similar, and maybe….just maybe they’ll end happily ever after.....

Sweet Carter

Sweet Brett



msprimadonna67 said...

What a blessing that you two have found each other. I pray that you will continute to be a source of support for each other in this path you are walking--this path no one should ever have to walk.

Michelle said...

God Bless you both, he has brought you two together for a greater purpose or just to be good friends. It is tragic that you have to share this bond, but hopefully through it you can help each other to heal.

Kaye~ said...

Praying for a happily ever after....for both of you...love you Paige...

Jeanine said...

Paige - I want to let you know that I am praying for you and your family! I can't imagine your loss but I pray that God will walk with you daily and lift you up. God bless you!

Jeanine Pittman

Anonymous said...

Paige, as you and Amber walk this path together, you will lean on each other. On each day, one of you may be stronger than the other, but you will be strong for each other. And on those days that neither of you feel strong, God will walk with you and be your strength.
I pray you both God's peace.
Beverly Birdwell

Nessa said...

I truely believe that God sends those people to our lives to minister to us. I am so thankful that she listened to God and contacted you! God is good!